UNAGUnión Nacional de Agricultores y Ganaderos (Spanish: National Union of Farmers and Ranchers, Nicaragua)
UNAGUnited Nations Association of Guyana
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At the same dose (150 mg/kg/d), NACA was uniformly more effective than NAC as demonstrated by lower Scr, BUN, UNAG, and UGGT (Table 1, p < 0.05 versus CIN+NAC).
* Fiona Unag acknowledges the financial support of Hawke's Bay DHB and the NZN0 Perioperative Nurses College to attend GNLI 2016.
Dentelli et al., "Unacylated ghrelin (UnAG) induces oxidative stress resistance in a glucose intolerance mouse model and peripheral artery disease by restoring endothelial cell miR-126 expression," Diabetes, vol.
Several freshwater eel species make UnaG, which is the first fluorescent protein discovered in a vertebrate, Miyawaki says.
"If CAFTA were to go into effect today," says Alvaro Fiallos, the president of Nicaragua's Union of Farmers and Ranchers (UNAG), "420,000 Nicaraguan agricultural sector jobs--including those of the producers themselves--could just disappear, increasing migration to the cities, Costa Rica and the United States."
(11) A new organization, the National Union of Farmers and Ranchers (UNAG), developed out of the ATC and by 1984 its membership had reached 75,000.
But the road ahead is still far from smooth, according to Ligia Briones, head of the small farmers union UNAG in Leon.
The primary focal point of Luciak's research was in the Nicaraguan countryside where the Sandinistas sought to transform the political economy using the strength of newly formed grassroots organizations, especially the National Union of Farmers and Ranchers (UNAG) and the Association of Rural Workers (ATC).
A representative from UNAG (the National Union of Farmers and Ranchers) related to me other cases of agricultural co-operatives which have successfully resisted government attempts to return land to previous landowners.