UNAMETUnited Nations Mission in East Timor
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Pakistan contributed an Engineer Battalion, Signal Battalion (Pakistan Force Communication Unit) and an Electronic Warfare Company to UNAMET.
UNAMET consisted of a civilian police contingent to advise the Indonesian police force on security, military liaison officers to advise the Indonesian armed forces, and civilian personnel to monitor the freedom and fairness of the scheduled referendum.
UN missions in East Timor: UNAMET, UNTAET, and UN Mission of Support in
New Zealand's Colonel Neville Reilly served as deputy commander of the UNAMET military observer teams and Brigadier Martyn Dunne served as Dili commander and in effect deputy commander of INTERFET.
Garnadi, indicated that "pro-integration forces had become dominant in the early months of the year, but the anti-integration forces received a second wind once UNAMET was established.
In the aftermath of the referendum, both of them were, with more than a thousand other refugees, evacuated from the UNAMET compound in Dili and flown to Darwin.
We have to be on standby so that we won't get a bad mark from UNAMET [United Nations Mission in East Timor].
This is a very fragile economic situation and any disruption in the sense of bringing in large quantities of dollars will just make it worse," UNAMET spokesman David Wimhurst told reporters.
The UNAMET compound in the capital Dili will be evacuated today in what Irish campaigners have described as the "ultimate betrayal" of the Timorese people.
Former Australian deputy prime minister Mr Tim Fischer, an observer in East Timor, said: "I can confirm that three UNAMET local staff were killed since the polling station closed.
In June I stood with a small group of foreigners to witness the opening of the United Nations Assistance Mission in East Timor, UNAMET.
The number of police officers of the UNAMET will be increased from the current 280 to 410 and that of liaison officers from 50 to 300.