UNAMETUnited Nations Mission in East Timor
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1264 do Conselho de Seguranca, datada de 15 de Setembro de 1999, autorizam a criacao de uma forca multinacional, denominada INTERFET (Forca Internacional no Timor Leste) com as seguintes responsabilidades: restaurar a paz e seguranca no Timor-Leste, proteger e apoiar a UNAMET no desempenho de suas funcoes e, dentro do possivel, facilitar as operacoes de assistencia humanitaria.
Pakistan contributed an Engineer Battalion, Signal Battalion (Pakistan Force Communication Unit) and an Electronic Warfare Company to UNAMET. The Pakistani Contingent played a major role in reconstruction of the war ravaged country and its transition to an independent country.
Consequently, on June 11th 1999, the Security Council (SC) (S/RES/1246) established the United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET) "to organize and conduct a popular consultation" (S/RES/1246, 2), which should be based on "a direct, secret and universal ballot" (Idem).
"protect and support UNAMET in carrying out its tasks," and
As violence spread and the refugee population grew, it became apparent that the Indonesian government was unwilling or unable to control the situation or protect East Timorese civilians and UNAMET convoys from attack.
many years and had been charged with running UNAMET, which had been
This publication is the second sponsored by the International Peace Academy on East Timor -- the other being that of United Nations Mission in East Timor (UNAMET) head, Ian Martin (Self-Determination in East Tim or:
Lloyd Helicopters under contract carried out the task of flying for UNAMET, the original organisation which conducted the original Popular Consultation and Ballot when East Timorese chose independence.
(88) And, after determining that Chapter VII applied, the Council authorized the establishment of a multinational force--the International Force for East Timor--under a unified command structure, "to restore peace and security in East Timor, to protect and support UNAMET [United Nations Mission in East Timor] in carrying out its tasks and, within force capabilities, to facilitate humanitarian assistance operations...." (89) States participating in the force were authorized by the Security Council "to take all necessary measures to fulfill this mandate." (90) Australia led the force.
Emmerson ponders a scenario that all of us thought during the referendum: "kill a few foreign workers working for UNAMET and thus stop the popular consultation from taking place" (p.
Since arriving in May, the UN Assistance Mission of East Timor (UNAMET) claimed it would not leave East Timor after the consultation -- an assurance to the East Timorese that they could vote for independence without fear of reprisal or retribution from the Indonesian armed forces and its paramilitaries, despite the fact that UNAMET retained no supervisory military powers.