UNAMSILUnited Nations Assistance Mission in Sierra Leone
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Both UNAMSIL and government officials met daily to discuss reports.
UNAMSIL oversaw free presidential and parliamentary elections, facilitated elections for local officials, helped set up the Special Court for Sierra Leone where those responsible for war crimes can be tried and brought to justice, and reconstructed schools, police stations and medical clinics.
Mark Malan, Phenyo Rakate, and Angela McIntyre, "Peacekeeping in Sierra Leone: UNAMSIL Hits the Home Straight," Monograph no.
In November 2002, UNAMSIL gradually began drawing down personnel until the end of its formal peacekeeping mission in December 2005.
As a result, the small contingent of UNAMSIL quickly grew to 17,000 soldiers strong, a powerful force that integrated important civilian components, with an annual budget of $700 million.
Meanwhile the Security Council authorized UNAMSIL to increase its strength to 13,000 military personnel (a limit that was later raised to 17,500, making it the largest U.
In spite of the peace agreement, the conflict continued; the turning point came when UNAMSIL peacekeepers were taken as hostages and the UK intervened militarily in support of the UN mission in restoring order in Freetown.
A lot of "effort and ingenuity" was needed to help Sierra Leone when UNAMSIL withdrew.
15 Such as UNTAC in Cambodia, UNOSOM II in Somalia, UNPROFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina, UNAMIR II in Rwanda, UNMIH in Haiti, UNMIK in Kosovo, UNTAET in Timor Leste, UNAMSIL in Sierra Leone, UNMEE in Ethiopia and Eritrea, MONUC in Democratic Republic of Congo, MINUCI in Ivory Coast and UNMIL in Liberia.
Over the near term, increased demand for UN peacekeepers in Africa we judge is likely, even as some missions like UNAMSIL in Sierra Leone are drawing down.