UNATUnited Nations Administrative Tribunal
UNATUnidad de Apoyo Técnico (Technical Supprt Unit)
UNATUnited Nigeria Association of Tulsa (Tulsa, OK)
UNATUnited Nations Association of Thailand (est. 1953)
UNATUnited Native American Telecommunications
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According to Sumawang, most of the settlers at Sitio Alli, at the boundary of NCC and Kalangitan, are mostly 'unats'-referring to the lowlanders [unat means straight hair, as opposed to the Aetas who have curly hair] who decided to live in the disputed areas.
The nominees include Attorney at the Court of Cassation and member of the Supreme Judicial Council Advisor Abdulhadi Al-Attar for ICJ, Advisor at the Court of Appeal Wael Saud Al-Saleh for UNAT, Advisor at the Court of Appeal Dr.
Common names that identify Aetas from non-Aetas in the Philippines include kulot (curly haired Aetas) as opposed to unat (straight-haired non-Aetas) and Aeta as opposed to Tagalog.
200 Janine Miles (Sphinx /W35) 50.04, 201 Jose Zapico (unat /M40) 50.15, 202 Diane kearns (unat /W35) 50.15, 203 John Butler (Stratford /M65) 50.17, 204 Glyn Jones (Godiva M70 50.32, 205 Anthony French (Northbrook / M65) 50.38, 206 Sean Pender (Enfield /M55) 50.55, 207 Andrew Keelsall (Northbrook /M45) 51.13, 208 Erica Fisher Hinckley RC /W60) 51.16, 209 Mark Palethorpe (Worcester /M45) 53.22, 210 Ed Goodwin (Massey Ferg / M60) 53.25, 211 Andrew Pemberton (Nuneaton /M45) 53.36, 212 Ruth Mahon (Massey Ferg /W45) 53.50, 213 Anne Marie Paszriewicz (Massey Ferg /SW) 54.38, 214 Vicki Ross (unat /W35) 56.22, 215 Terry Morris (Nuneaton /M65) 59.17, 216 Michaela Eyley (Massey Ferg /W40) 64.07, 217 Sally Slevin (Massey Ferg /W70) 71.14.
He hasa decent recorda t Ascotand can bef orgivena poorr unat York last timeh avingdi sappointedat thattrack previously.
Na Universidade Estadual de Maringa (UEM), a UnAT'/UEM iniciou suas atividades em marco de 2010, embora ja houvesse anteriormente um movimento pro-criacao, com cursos na area de educacao para a saude, de arte e cultura, de conhecimentos sobre a terceira idade, de linguas estrangeiras, de informatica e atividades fisicas.
Examples include the UN Administrative Tribunal in Howeani and 4 others v Secretary of the United Nations (Judgment of the UN Administrative Tribunal, JUNAT Nos 1-70, UNAT judgment No 4, 14 September 1951).
Atilla SENGUL, Ayhan SONMEZ, Halil SOZMEN, Yaser SULEYMANOGLU, Mustafa Gurkan TASKALE, Alisan TASPINAR, Nihat TEKDEN, Melek TEZCAN, Mustafa TOGAN, Osman Nuri TOPAL, Fusun TOPCUGIL, Tufan TUKEK, Nezih TUNCAY, Mehmet TURK, Idil AtaC TURKMEN, Sibel Ergun TURKMEN, Pelin TUTUNCUOGLU, Asli Dogruk UNAL, Tugrul UNAT, Mehtap Erkmen UYAR, Ceyhun VARIM, Mumin VAROL, Feryal Atmaca YALCIN, Hamiyet Yilmaz YASAR, Hamza YAZICI, Mehmet YILDIZ, Zeki YILDIZ, Zerrin YILDIZBAS, Mahmut YILMAZ, Mehmet Kaan YILMAZ, Hikmet YUCE, Yasar YUCEL, Arif YUKSEL, Iskender YUKSEL, Adem YURUMEZ, Sefik ZEYTUNLU.
Various politicians have publicly noted that their hands have been tied, as Honduras desperately needed access to debt relief funds and hence had to comply with IFI demands regarding privatization (Interview UNAT [La Unidad de Apoyo Technico de la Presidencia], Tegucigalpa, 25 July 2005).
TUNIS, June 19, 2010 (TAP) - Chairman of the Tunisian National Union of the Blind (UNAT) Imededdine Chaker was picked as spokesman for the world disabled in the forthcoming Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) due next September in New York.