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GPS data for the Nepal earthquake are available through the UNAVCO website and GPS data for the Italian earthquakes are available at the following link: ftp://gpsfree.gm.ingv.it/amatrice2016/hrgps/.
GPS RINEX data were provided by the NASA MEaSUREs Solid Earth Science ESDR System project through the SOPAC archive and by the UNAVCO Facility with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant No.
In May 2014 a team of atmospheric and geodetic scientists from UNAVCO and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) sent and helped set up a global positioning system (GPS) receiver to measure atmospheric water vapor at the Grupo de Optica Atmosferica de Camaguey (GOAC) at the Camaguey Meteorological Center in Camaguey, Cuba.
On the first expedition of this five-year effort, the others on the trip listened patiently while Nolan, Bernhard Rabus (who had finished his PhD in 1997) and Bjorn Johns of UNAVCO spent seemingly endless hours in the cook tent trying to convince themselves that they had not made some blunder in these conversions.
They used data obtained from the UNAVCO archive for a period of 2.75-5 years ending in August 2011 at sampling rates of 10, 15 or 30 s to evaluate the seismic potential of the Puerto Rico Trench.
CORRESPONDING AUTHOR: Donna Charlevoix, UNAVCO, 63SO Nautilus Dr" Boulder, CO 80301 E-mail: donnac@unavco.org
Velocities of LGSN points in both models were calculated using University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO) web service of Tectonic Plate Motion Calculator (2008).
The absolute velocities were then reduced by various plate motion models available on UNAVCO Plate Motion Calculator (www.unavco.org) to obtain the intra-plate ones, additionally the velocities in the ETRF2000 reference frame were calculated (Boucher and Altamimi, 2011).
The GPS data were converted into the Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX), checked by the TEQC (UNAVCO) software (Estey and Meertens, 1999) and pre-processed by the BERNESE GPS Software v.
First stage of the processing consisted of quality and quantity check of the observations, performed with teqc software developed by UNAVCO Inc.