UNAVEMUnited Nations Angola Verification Mission
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The UN immediately set up a new peacekeeping operation, UNAVEM III (1995-1997), to which Portugal contributed with a Signal Company (101 elements) and a Logistics Company (205 elements).
UN Civilian Police Contingents in Africa Authorized personnel Actual personnel (peak) UNTAG 360 1500 (Namibia) April 1989 to March 1900 UNAVEM II 90 126 (Angola) June 1991 to February 1995 ONUMOZ 1,114 1,086 (Mozambique) December 1992 to December 1994 UNAVEM III 260 288 (Angola) February 1995 to June 1997 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Other DSL clients include De Beers, Shell, Mobil, Amoco, BP and Chevron; NGOs (CARE and GOAL), UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR, UNAVEM and ONUMOZ.
Zimbabwe has committed a battalion to UNAVEM III in Angola, probably limiting its contribution to no more than two battalions.
In 1997, this group was expanded into UNAVEM III, and then became the United Nations Observer Mission in Angola (MONUA) that included a Human Rights Division (HRD).
Romania has been active in peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan, UNAVEM in Angola, IFOR/SFOR in Bosnia, KFOR in Kosovo, and in Albania.
Jett draws most of his examples from ONUMOZ (the UN peacekeeping operation in Mozambique) and UNAVEM II (the second UN peacekeeping operation in Angola).
243) Meanwhile, in Angola, during UNAVEM III, the few UN personnel there were engaged primarily in electoral monitoring and demobilization.
The free movement of goods and people is one of the peace conditions being monitored by UNAVEM III troops who started to arrive in late May.
UNAMA (Afghanistan, 2002-present); UNAVEM III (Angola, 1991-1995); UNAVEM III (Angola, 1995-1997); MONUA (Angola, 1997-1999); MINURCA (Central African Republic, 1998-2000); ONUMUZ (Mozambique, 1992-1994); UNSOM I (Somalia, 1992-1993); UNSOM II (Somalia, 1993-1995); ONUSAL (El Salvador, 1991-1995); MINUGA (Guatemala, 1997); UNTAC (Cambodia, 1992-1993); UNMOT (Tajikistan, 1994-2000); UNTAES (Croatia, 1996-1998); MONUC (Congo, 2000-present); UNAMSIL (Sierra Leone, 1999-present); UNTAET (East Timor, 1999-present); UNMIBH (Bosnia, 1995-present).