UNAVEMUnited Nations Angola Verification Mission
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During this period, the major Brazilian contribution to peace operations was directed towards Angola (UNAVEM III) in the second half of the 1990's, and (4) from 2004 onwards, when Brazil's contribution to peace operations peaked.
(73.) There were three main peacekeeping missions organized by the United Nations during the period of the civil war, and Brazil contributed to all of them and became the major contributor of forces in the last phase: UNAVEM I, (1988-1991); UNAVEM II (1991-1995), and UNAVEM (1995-1997).
The UN immediately set up a new peacekeeping operation, UNAVEM III (1995-1997), to which Portugal contributed with a Signal Company (101 elements) and a Logistics Company (205 elements).
The Bicesse Accords brought relative peace for nearly 18 months, during which time the parties, with the help of the United Nations Angola Verification Mission (UNAVEM) II, moved toward elections.
However, the SANDF has provided select logistic, airlift and specialist support for such missions since 1990 The SANDF provided electoral assistance in the form of air transport for UNAVEM II in Angola and ONUMOZ in Mozambique The SANDF also provided logistic support for the UNAVEM III operation in Angola, in the form of tentage and equipment for four of the assembly areas set up by the UN in that country Moreover, the SANDF has provided humanitarian assistance to Burundi in the form of medical assistance and the provision of essential humanitarian supplies, and has assisted the Government of Angola with the training of de-mining teams.
UNTSO UNIMOGIP UNIFICYP (Israel) (India - Pakistan) (Cyprus) UNDOF UNIFIL UNIKOM (Golan Heights) (Lebanon) (Iraq - Kuwait) MINORSO UNOMIC UNOMIL (West Sahara) (Georgia) (Liberia) UNMIH UNAMIR UNMOT (Haiti) (Rwanda) (Tajikistan) UNAVEM UNPROFOR UNPREDEP (Angola) (Bosnia) (Macedonia) UNMIBH UNMOP UNTAES (Bosnia) (Croatia) (East Slavonia) UNEF I UNOC UNTEA (Israel-Egypt) (Congo) (West New Guinea) UNYOM UNEF II UNIIMOC (Yemen) (Sinai) (Iraq - Iran) UNOSAL UNTAC UNOSOM (El Salvador) (Cambodia) (Somalia) In short, the world has changed.
UN Civilian Police Contingents in Africa Authorized personnel Actual personnel (peak) UNTAG 360 1500 (Namibia) April 1989 to March 1900 UNAVEM II 90 126 (Angola) June 1991 to February 1995 ONUMOZ 1,114 1,086 (Mozambique) December 1992 to December 1994 UNAVEM III 260 288 (Angola) February 1995 to June 1997 Note: Table made from bar graph.
Other DSL clients include De Beers, Shell, Mobil, Amoco, BP and Chevron; NGOs (CARE and GOAL), UNICEF, UNDP, UNHCR, UNAVEM and ONUMOZ.
Zimbabwe has committed a battalion to UNAVEM III in Angola, probably limiting its contribution to no more than two battalions.
It was only in UNAVEM III (Angola) that the country would return to UN OPs with a relevant contribution--a reinforced battalion, or about 1,200 men (Goncalves and Manduca 2008, 4).
The United Nations Verification Mission in Angola (UNAVEM II) was the first to have a human rights component that was comprised of a small contingent of international human rights officers.