UNBDUnified Negative Binomial Distribution
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For enhancing the seed yield of HA372 x RHA377, [micro]G, UNBD, PTC, NG, and PNG ranked HA821 and HA384 as the first and second most promising donors, respectively (Table 2).
[micro]G, PTC, NG, and PNG ranked the top three donors (HA383, HA384, and HA821) the same, while UNBD ranked HA384 first, HA821 second, and HA383 third and donor seed yield ranked HA384 first, HA821 fourth, and HA383 fifth for enhancing the seed yield of HA89 x RHA373 (Tables 2 and 3).
UNBD ranked these hybrids differently, but still identified them as the top three prospects.