UNCACUnited Nations Convention Against Corruption
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UNCACUnion Nationale des Coopératives Agricoles de Céréales
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In a bid to integrate the local and international efforts to promote fairness and combatting corruption, the Sultanate joined the UN Conventionagainst Corruption - UNCAC in November 2013.
224) Moreover, the treaty's definition of "bribery" is broader than the OECD Convention and UNCAC definitions because it encompasses not only bribery relating to government procurement, but also payments to influence "any act or omission in the performance of the official's public business function.
According to Vlassis, Tuesday's meeting comes at a crucial time as a number of important events will take place in 2015, including the first cycle of the UNCAC peer review mechanism coming to an end.
In case of Pakistan, the UNCAC can provide a strong basis to formulate a policy to deal with the issue of corruption in foreign banks and there is an urgent need to make compatible all the domestic anti-corruption laws with the convention.
The UNCAC explicitly recognizes states' obligations to "take such measures as may be necessary to permit another State Party to initiate civil action in its courts to establish title to or ownership of property acquired through the commission of [a corruption] offence" and to "recognize another State Party's claim as a legitimate owner of property [so] acquired.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is party to the Convention; it has compiled the "Self-Assessment, UNCAC, Chapter III and IV" and will be reviewed by Belarus and Indonesia in the first quarter of 2012.
The UNCAC has been ratified by 122 of its 140 signatories.
Participants from 150 States Parties to the UNCAC discussed implementation of the convention and ways to advance international efforts to prevent and fight corruption, Bino said.
UNCAC member countries should publicly disclose all information they might hold concerning corrupt practices in Morocco, in relation to trade, foreign investment and development aid or any other sector, the letter said.
standards, UNCAC establishes an international framework for countries to cooperate through mutual legal assistance and mechanisms to expand extradition to fight corruption.
Of the 107 UNCAC member states for which information is available, 61 countries or 57% do not have formal disclosure requirements for the income and expenditure of political parties.