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UNCIUnione Nazionale Cronisti Italiani (Italian: National Union of Italian Reporters)
UNCIUnclassified Controlled Nuclear Information (US Department of Energy)
UNCIUnited Nations Commission for Indonesia
UNCIUnione Nazionale delle Cooperative Italiane (Italian: National Union of Italian Cooperatives)
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vetula Longitud dorsal 46 mm 56 mm Ancho de capsula 4.7 mm 5.6-5.8 mm cefalica Sedas para-antenales 15-17 10-12 Dexiotorma Ancho Alargado Chaetoparia (sensilas) Abundantes Escasas Unci de la lacinia Largos Cortos Dientecillos 12 11 estriduladotes de la maxila Lobulo distal del area Muy desarrollado Desarrollado molar (M1) Palidia Ligeramente Casi paralelos convergentes en ambos extremos Cada palidium Con 18-20 pali Con 23-30 pali
What we need is to change our idea that we as human beings are privileged and deserving of destroying our Unci Maka to have hair dryers and fast cars and electric oh-my-gawd facial hair removers.
Lacinia with many stout setae and 3 unci (middle uncus shorter than others), basally fused (Fig.
He has coedited a volume on world poverty and ethics, Weltgrmut unci Ethik (Paderborn, Germany: Mentis, 2007), and recently finalized a book on human dignity, Instrumental-isierung unci Wiird (Paderborn, Germany: Mentis, 2010).
In the epigraph, a Lakota grandmother (Unci) accepts her Two-Spirit grandson on film and makes a powerful statement about the increasing value of Two-Spirit traditions in contemporary Native North American cinema.
Aside from the animal rights, we have also founded the recycling group and are chairs for Unci Maka week, which is the preservation of Grandmother Earth.
Maxillas con uncus apical en la galea, lacinia, multisetosa, con tres unci apicales, subiguales, alineados, fusionados en la base, el del medio mas corto.
See Mechthild Leutner, Geburt, Heirar und Tod in Peking: Volkskultur unci Elitekultur von 19.
This point of view has now been given powerful support by a new Canadian study in the journal of the National Cancer Institute UNCI; O'Malley 2009), with an accompanying editorial by Dennis J.
Konfession unci Kultur: Lutherischer Protestantismus in der zweiten Halfte des Reformationssjahrhunderts.
The prestige accorded to science unci scientists is well deserved.