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UNCLEUnited Network Command for Law Enforcement
UNCLEUnited Network Command for Law and Enforcement (from the TV show)
UNCLEUnusual Nut-Case Lays of Ea (J.R.R. Tolkein humor website)
UNCLEUnderstanding Nitrogen and Carbohydrate Metabolism for Legume Engineering
UNCLEUnix Network for Computer Security in Law Enforcement
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'In personal appearance, my uncle was a trifle shorter than the middle size; he was a thought stouter too, than the ordinary run of people, and perhaps his face might be a shade redder.
I could give them no positive information -- for my uncle never consulted me on matters of business.
This worried Uncle Henry a good deal, for without the farm he would have no way to earn a living.
"I'm not surprised at that," said Uncle Alec, half to himself, adding, in his quick way: "Who have you had to play with?"
"How, Jack?" said the old gentleman, "and are you really then not married to this young woman?" "No, upon my honour," answered Nightingale, "I have told you the simple truth." "My dear boy," cries the uncle, kissing him, "I am heartily glad to hear it.
Did your uncle say anything when he showed you the major's letter?"
At the bank Tom was admitted into the private room where his uncle was, immediately after sending in his name.
"And you, Michael Nikanorovich?" he said, addressing "Uncle."
It give me the cold shudders when he said them words, because right away I remembered about us seeing Uncle Silas prowling around with a long-handled shovel away in the night that night.
"We have a railway now," he said in answer to his uncle's question.
He and Uncle Hugson have been having a fine visit."
"Of course we'll have to stay in the cabin," she said to Uncle Henry and the other passengers, "and keep as quiet as possible until the storm is over.