UNCMACUnited Nations Command Military Armistice Commission
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"New Zealand has been contributing to UNCMAC since 1998, making it one of our most enduring deployments in the Asia-Pacific region.
"NZDF personnel deployed to the United Nations Command and UNCMAC play an important role in supporting the implementation of the Korean Armistice Agreement.
After one year as the Senior Member of UNCMAC, Major General Shin Sang Bum relinquished his position as Senior Member of UNCMAC in the General Paik Auditorium to Major General Kim Jong Moon.
'When vehicles, people and goods move through the demilitarized zone (DMZ), the UNCMAC must be notified.
The UNC said that at Friday's meeting that lasted 100 minutes, UNCMAC reminded North Korea of the U.N.
UNCMAC is responsible for supervising the implementation of the truce and for providing a mechanism to negotiate alleged violations.
At the time, I looked for something different and my chance came during this tour at UNCMAC JDO in Panmunjom.
And one day in the summer of 1953, the two villagers were told by tall American army officers of the UNCMAC that their homes were in the middle of the Demilitarized Zone with an invisible armistice line running on their levee separating Daeseong village to the south and Kijong village to the north of the demarcation line.
To that end, UNCMAC proposed to convene a Joint Assessment Group to assess the armistice violations that led to the sinking of the 1,200-ton corvette Cheonan on March 26, the statement said.
Kurt Taylor of the UNCMAC secretariat, while the North Korean side was led by Col.
Command said after a one-day colonel-level meeting between the North Korean People's Army and the UNC's Military Armistice Commission, or UNCMAC, that the two sides agreed to work toward holding general-level talks on the incident, which has been blamed on Pyongyang.
Its Military Armistice Commission, or UNCMAC, is responsible for supervising the implementation of the military armistice agreement that effectively ended the war and for providing a mechanism to negotiate alleged violations of the truce.