UNCPUniversity of North Carolina at Pembroke
UNCPUniversity of North Carolina Press (Chapel Hill, NC)
UNCPUnited Nigeria Congress Party (political party)
UNCPUnited Nations Country Programme (Papua New Guinea)
UNCPUnion Nationale de la Couverture Plomberie (French: National Union of Plumbing Coverage)
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Students are drawn to UNCP because of the small class sizes, the low tuition, the strong teacher education program, and the proximity to home and community.
The University Writing Center staff works with UNCP students at any stage in the writing process, from brainstorming topics to drafting, revising, and editing.
We were sad when we found out he was leaving, but we greatly respect him wanting to return to help his alma mater out," said Breeden Blackwell, chairman of the UNCP board of trustees.
Blackwell, an alumnus of Pembroke State College, the forerunner of UNCP, said Meadors' departure had saddened the entire board and the community of Pembroke, a college town of 2,399.
The UNCP Honors College lacked an identity that administrators and faculty recognized and embraced, an identity that they would want to help construct and maintain.
The invisibility of the honors college was in sharp contrast to graduate teaching at UNCP.
Students of color flock to UNCP for the high-quality education they stand to receive at a fraction of the cost, Harrington says.
According to UNCP officials, the minimum cost for a full-time, in-state undergraduate living on campus, with a meal plan, is $9,574 a year, significantly less than the $15,000 in tuition and fees at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the state's flagship school.
They will also encounter the history of the campus as graven in the names and dates on buildings and as represented by the memories of long-time faculty and staff members, from the professor emerita in American Indian Studies, who is a UNCP alumna, to a cafeteria worker or groundskeeper whose grandchild will be enrolling next year.
Claiming that the election was daylight robbery, the losing parties complain that not only was UNCP financially supported by the junta to the detriment of others but also Necon helped rig the polls in a massive and crude way in order to produce a single-party state.
This resulted in a questionable landslide victory for the UNCP, widely believed to be the vehicle that would convey Abacha to his presidential destination.
Profesor Principal de la UNMSM; Profesor de Post Grado en la UNMSM, UNFV, UNASAM, UNSCH, UNEGV, UNJBG, UNSAAC, UNP, UNCP y UNA.