UNCRDUnited Nations Centre for Regional Development (Japan)
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While World Conference of Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (1979: In Misra, Sundaram & UNCRD 1983) and Brager and Specht (1973) defined participation as a basic human right for every human being especially disadvantages group.
Many of the fields in the UNCRD database were just fine residing in a flat structure.
I was also concerned that users coming across a UNCRD record would not know how to cite that information in a bibliography.
It encompasses virtually every area of social sciences and economic development, even including technical and scientific areas necessary for the UNCRD publications.
As an example, the beginning part of the second section of the classification system, as used in the UNCRD project, is represented in Figure 4.
I used the Access database to generate all the pages for the UNCRD project.
Although the UNCRD project uses both one-to-many and many-to-many relationships, I should point out that if you have a simple project, you do not need to use these complex relations.
The event was sponsored by the UNCRD Disaster Management Planning Hyogo Office in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan.