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UNCTADUnited Nations Conference on Trade and Development (est. 1964)
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The UNCTAD Coordinator recommends that "we need to think seriously about activating the movement and access agreement that was signed between the Palestinian Authority and the Israeli government in 2005, because Gaza has suffered from 3 wars, on top of a blockade in 2007, so the main recommendation is we need to lift the blockade, and we need to seriously starting reconstruction in Gaza".
UNCTAD recommends that countries balance the contributions of consumption and investment to the growth sectors because consumption driven growth would not last.
Al Kubaisi said: "The symposium coincides with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Unctad.
The Kuwaiti representative then noted that UNCTAD experts' great professionalism in dealing with the issues facing developing and least developed nations of the world and its swift addressing of international developments also enabled it to be the first to propose solutions for the global financial crisis and to propose mechanisms to realize many environment-friendly economic concepts on the ground.
UNCTAD said the global growth in 2013 is expected to marginally drop to 2.
The Accra Accord mandates Unctad to work on key issues of inter-dependence, policy coherence, and macroeconomic policies.
He said sustainable development and the so-called transition into a green economy was the second most important issue for Unctad.
IPR has been conducted by UNCTAD in cooperation with the RCC's South East European Investment Committee (SEEIC) and it was finalized upon extensive consultations with national stakeholders from seven SEE economies: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Moldova, Serbia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo.
The statement praised the role and investment policies of the UNCTAD in supporting the efforts of countries in the development of investment and achievement of the sustainable development agenda, stressing that the recommendations made would help Gambia in creating favourable investment climate and attracting foreign investment to realize development and leave the status of the least developed countries, urging the UNCTAD to provide more assistance to Gambia to ensure full implementation of the recommendations.
ARAB NEWS Hani Salem Sonbol, chief executive of ITFC, held a special meeting with Mukhisa Kituyi, UNCTAD secretary-general, in Geneva.
37 billion in 2016," the UNCTAD said in its latest report released in June 2017.
The UNCTAD report highlights the efforts of the Tunisian government to attract more foreign capital.