UNDCNational Union for Democracy in the Comoros
UNDCUtah Navajo Development Council (Bluff, UT)
UNDCUnited Nations Disarmament Committee (formerly Disarmament Conference)
UNDCUnited Nationalities Democratic Congress
UNDCUrban Neighborhood Development Corporation (Akron, OH)
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The UNDC agenda included the issues of nuclear disarmament and preventing an arms race in outer space, according to the statement.
Over the years, the UNDC has formulated consensus principles, guidelines and recommendations, which have been endorsed by the General Assembly.
In summer 2007, to enable the UNDC to become fully engaged in community revitalization, the UNDC hired its first Executive Director, University of Memphis alumnus Steve Barlow (MA, 1996; JD, 2004), who is charged with overseeing the implementation of the Highland Street Master Plan.
Since its incorporation in 1971, the UNDC had evolved into a large organization that operated several businesses, including a building supply warehouse and a puppet manufacturing enterprise.
The April 2006 UNDC session was the first dealing with substance since 2003, when the Commission failed to agree on any recommendations after three years of effort.
The UNDC meets annually in geographical working groups for three weeks in the spring, but over the years it has failed to agree on any substantial outcome.
In addition to our depth of experience in managing Class A office properties, we will be able to offer the UNDC our portfolio-wide cost-reduction programs that will allow the organization to reduce significantly its operating expenses.
UNDC financed, developed and now operates three Class A office buildings known as One, Two and Three UN Plaza.
Although the plan to build the UNDC 5--what the UN is calling its proposed 35-story tower--is stalled in the state senate, former New York State senator Roy Goodman, now the president of the United Nations Development Corporation which will oversee the development, is confident that the building will eventually be approved and built.