UNDCPUnited Nations International Drug Control Program
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In 1995, UNDCP estimated that Afghanistan's drugs exports were coming to 50 billion rupees a year.
Gary Suwannarat of the UNDCP Projects Coordination Office (Northern Thailand) in Chiang Mai.
Opium Reduction in Thailand 1970-2000: A Thirty-Year Journey, for the United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP), Regional Centre for East Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok: UNDCP, 2001.
Financial Havens, Banking Secrecy, and Money Laundering," UNDCP Technical Series 8 (2004).
4) O numero de substancias consideradas ilegais para consumo e constantemente incrementado por organismos como UNDCP (Programa das Nacoes Unidas para o Controle Internacional de Drogas).
The studies also note the use of combinations of these substances such as cannabis, alcohol, heroin and cocaine (Stimson, et al, 2003; UNDCP, 1997; Adelekan and Stimson, 1996).
Union Postale, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and UNDCP were also key players in the fight against drugs by mail, in a two-year joint programme that focused particular attention on drug trafficking through the international mail in Africa.
Social work education, aided by the recently forged global minimum social work standards could include skills and competencies in both collaboration, and knowledge about how to work in various international organisations such as the UNAIDS, UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, UNDCP, UNESCO, WHO, World Bank, USAID and so forth.
An internal State Department "action request" described the approval to provide $400,000 for a pilot stage of the project, but added "we urge UNDCP to solicit funds from other governments, in order to avoid a perception that this is solely a US Government initiative.
The UNDCP estimates that 60 percent of Burma's opiate production is now shipped through China.