UNDEFUnited Nations Democracy Fund
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The UNDEF provides financial support for projects on women's empowerment, youth, media, in addition to others on promoting good governance, the rule of law, human rights, democracy, the same source pointed out.
To determine how and in whom to invest these funds, UNDEF must situate itself in several ways.
The 2005 General Assembly World Summit Outcome resolution welcomed the establishment of UNDEF by the Secretary-General:
As with previous UNDEF rounds, the thematic categories for applications are:
the establishment of UNDEF to provide resources and assistance for
72) Top UNDEF donors include Australia, India, Japan, Qatar, and
UNDEF is looking for consulting firms to undertake evaluations of UNDEFs project portfolio, namely
efficiency, impact and sustainability of the UNDEF projects, and to draw lessons and recommendations for
On September 21, 2004, President Bush proposed the establishment of UNDEF to provide resources and assistance for projects that promote emerging democracies.
70) For further information on UNDEF, see [http://www.
Of the projects that pre-qualified for funding, 34 per cent are in Africa, 23 per cent in Asia and 15 per cent in the Arab world, including Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, according to the latest issue of the UNDEF newsletter, released today.
Funding for the proposals, estimated at about $14 million, is now subject to approval by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, and to a successful negotiation about the project documents between UNDEF and each shortlisted applicant.