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UNDERDOGUnder Direction of God
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The Indian Arrows, on the other hand, the youngest team in the I-League comprised of teenagers, time and again proved the underdog spirit of fighting and although the boys lost, the young Arrows recouped and fought again, winning some, but most importantly learning in the process.
The team was one of the biggest underdogs in the game's history during their first appearance, getting 14 points when they upset the St.
We have to take that underdog mentality into all of our games.
Moore, who will start this season as a forward, but can operate from the blue line, is fully aware that Devils, despite their excellent season last year, are underdogs as they head to Davos in Switzerland before moving on to Liberec in the Czech Republic.
Personally, I don't like the term underdog because it implies that I'm already in a hole.
I love being the underdog because every time I have been the underdog in a fight I have won, Pacquiao said.
But Meyler is adamant the Tigers will revel in their role as underdogs - and could not resist a stark reminder to Arsene Wenger's men over their distinct lack of opportunities for victory parades in recent seasons.
Anytime you go against what people say, they will bet against you and label you a misfit…an underdog.
It's been many years that we are going into a home Davis Cup tie as underdogs.
Tim Quelch's Underdog emphasises this national trait and is a riveting mixture of football, social history and popular culture.
Watching an underdog like Murgia win is hugely satisfying.
Bellamy says his opponents push for the underdog title every year, and his side will not be dropping its guard for a minute.