UNDESAUnited Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
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En UNDESA UNEP, UNCTAD, The Transition to a Green Economy: Benefits, Challenges and Risks (pp.
See also the protocols and summaries of the discussions of the OEWG in its web-site: UNDESA, Seventh Working Session Open
UNDESA, Expert Group Meeting on Reviewing National Sustainable Development Strategies, New York: United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 2005.
The Bahraini delegation includes eGA eServices delivery and channel enhancement assistant director Mohamed Abdulaziz who will attend tomorrow as a spokesperson to discuss Bahrain's experience in the management of the suggestions and complaints through the unified national suggestions and complaints system (Tawasul) at the workshop organised by UNDESA entitled "ICT Applications Aimed at Improving Peoples' Lives on All Aspects".
A escala mundial, los modelos desarrollados por el UNDESA (2010 y 2012), West (2008) y Obi (2012) se encuentran enfocados a generar pautas que permiten tomar el pulso del estado en que se encuentran los sitios web de las dependencias gubernamentales de distintos paises.
En linea con las definiciones mas extendidas (ocde, 2005; UNDESA, 2012), el gobierno electronico se puede concebir como el uso intensivo de las tecnologias de la informacion y la comunicacion (tic) con el proposito de generar condiciones de buen gobierno a traves de una prestacion de servicios y una transferencia de informacion eficientes, asi como de un fortalecimiento del proceso de politicas publicas fundamentado en la creacion de nuevas vias de participacion de los actores implicados.
UNDESA, (2009): "Millennium Development Goals Report", United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.
The survey is a flagship product of UNDESA, representing the only global publication that lists a comparative assessment of global e-government development in 193 countries, including indicators, strategies, tools and best practices.
The Administration and Cost of Elections (ACE) Project was established in 1998 by IDEA, IFES, and UNDESA.
UNDESA is supporting 21 countries in their national preparations, through appointing and funding experienced persons as consultants.
32) UNDESA has recently reviewed the various estimates of these costs, which range from 0.
UNDESA, "Trends in International Migrant Stock: 2008 Revision.