UNDFUnited Nations Development Fund
UNDFUnited Nations Detention Facility (Tanzania)
UNDFUnited Nations Democracy Fund
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Silage samples were individually evaluated using in vitro incubation [14] to determine undigested NDF (uNDF).
The uNDF was calculated as 100--in vitro NDF digestibility (IVNDFD), where IVNDFD was % NDF = (1-[ND[F.sub.residual] - ND[F.sub.blank]]/ND[F.sub.sample]) x 100, the amount of pdNDF is calculated from the difference of total NDF and uNDF (pdNDF as % DM = [100-% uND[F.sub.240 h]]x% ND[F.sub.sample]; [28]).
Contrasts were tested using the CONTRAST statement of SAS to evaluate the high and low uNDF diets and also the corn silage compared with the WBC silage.
However, formic acid decreased only uNDF at 30 h incubation.
The DMI, final BW, BW changes thorough the trail and means of body condition scores were similar across cows fed high or low uNDF diets and also between two different NDF sources of corn and WBC silages (Table 4).
The data related to milk yield and milk composition as a result of the different uNDF rations are presented in Table 5.
Ruminal propionate, acetate and butyrate concentrations as well as acetate to propionate ratio were not affected by uNDF levels in the cows fed the experimental diets (p>0.05; Table 6).
This extraordinarily grave consequence could be avoided if Mr Taylor were transferred to the UNDF in Rwanda."
at the UNDF that must meet international standards.
transferred from the UNDF to a host state and serve out their sentences.
only to convicted persons in places other than Mali and the UNDF, such
The classes take place in the UNDF and are paid for by the Tribunal.").