UNDOCUnited Negros Drivers Operators Center (The Philippines)
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Para UNDOC, o Protocolo de Palermo e considerado um sucesso historico, em virtude de sua rapida adesao pelos Estados, o que o tornou uma importante ferramenta juridica de cooperacao internacional.
This year, 123,000 hectares were used to grow opium poppy, compared to 157,000 hectares in 2008, UNDOC said.
United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2005, World Drug Report 2005, UNDOC, Vienna.
36) UNDOC atribuia esta diferencia a procesos de resiembra en la zona.
We account for the potential endogeneity of UNDOC, a regressor of particular interest, in an alternative way.
Some Business Coalition international donors UNAIDS ILO World Bank World Economic Forum CCA PharmAccess Foundation UNDP USAID NORAD Global Fund to Fight AIDS, GBC SIDA-ENTREPRISES TB, Malaria AusAID GTZ/ACCA Action for AIDS VSO DFID SIDA UNDOC IFC WBCSD International HIV/AIDS AllianceCDC
UNDOC is due to hold the 57th session on Monday -- with participation 1,500 figures.
Under the UNDOC project, Kyrgyzstan will create border cooperation offices at the common border with Tajikistan to fight drug trafficking, said Acting UNODC Regional Representative for Central Asia, Steven Monaco, at the press conference in AKIpress on August 13.
The meeting was told that as per report of UNDOC, as many as 140 million people are taking drugs in the world while two million heroin smokers are found in Pakistan including one million in Karachi against whom 25 percent are taking it through injections.
The $50bn global cocaine market is undergoing seismic shifts," Antonio Costa, the executive director of UNDOC, said.
16) BOMCA also has the support of the US, OSCE, and UNDOC (the UN's Office on Drugs & Crime).
Federal Minister for Narcotics Control Arbab Muhammad Zahir, presiding over the launching ceremony, addressing the gathering he said the launch of UNDOCs CP is a statement to the commitment, partnership and resolve of the GOP and UNDOC to significantly alter the drug and crime situation in Pakistan and together, we will work towards a safer community, free from threats posed by organized crime and drug use and confident in the integrity of the criminal justice system to provide access to justice.