UNDOFUnited Nations Disengagement Observer Force
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Subsequently, UNDOF observed UAVs flying from the general area of position 30 and over Jabbata crossing the cease-fire line," Haq said.
Australia was the latest among the troop contributing countries to pull out its forces from UNDOF.
In the UNDOF command structure, the Philippine contingent is under the operational control of the Force Commander.
The council condemned recent hostile acts against the peacekeepers and demanded that rebel groups abandon all UNDOF positions and the Quenitra crossing point, and return U.
The United Nations has announced that the Philippines will pull out of UNDOF.
mission, known as UNDOF, has 1,223 troops from six countries: Fiji, India, Ireland, Nepal, Netherlands and the Philippines.
UN] strongly condemned the detention of 43 United Nations Disengagement Observer Force peacekeepers from within the Area of Separation in the vicinity of position 27, as well as the surrounding of positions 68 and 69, which are manned by 81 UNDOF peacekeepers, earlier today by a Security Council-designated terrorist groups and by members of non-state armed groups," said in the statement.
They are part of UNDOF, the mission that has been monitoring a 1974 disengagement accord between Syria and Israel after their 1973 war.
As of May 2014, there are 347 Filipino peacekeepers serving in UNDOF.
In any case, over the decades since, UNDOF troops have not convincingly demonstrated their utility.
Subject to meeting considerations which the Philippines has made to enhance the security and safety of our peacekeepers, the president has expressed the Philippines is prepared to continue its UNDOF participation," he said in a statement.