UNDSSUnited Nations Department of Safety and Security
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Mohammed Al Muallem, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, DP World, UAE Region, received the certificate from two senior UNDSS officials, Tamer Hammouda, Security Advisor, and Mosa Elayan, Security Associate, in the presence of DP World, UAE Region officials from the security departments.
We are impressed by the high levels of safety and security we found implemented at Jebel Ali Port, even exceeding standards set by UNDSS in some areas.
This data, combined with the data provided by UNDSS, shows a betrayal narrative.
UNDSS has developed mechanisms for security management which does not include NGOs staff nor diplomats.
Health, all Deputy Commissioners in Karachi, Provincial EPI Manager, Technical Focal person for Police in CM office, Representative of relevant LEAs, and representative UNDSS (UN Security organization).
A[cedilla] Function as security focal point towards UNDSS and communicate relevant safety and security issues to the Forum Members.
During such challenging situation, the humanitarian community personnel have benefited greatly by getting assistance to air-lifts, critical Medevac & relocation cases through UNDSS dedicated aircraft, for last many years until the end of May 2013, which is crucial and essential for the continued provision of the much needed fast and efficient air transportation.
UNDSS do not have the capacity to continue providing the required services.
Maintaining continual liaison with UNDSS, Host Governments and other actors in the country to promote UN Security Management System policies and procedures in all UNMAS operations through regular inter-agency consultations, networking, mutual support, and information sharing;
The teams will be tasked jointly by UNDSS and UNMAS-S in cooperation with the Inter-Agency
An urgent need for a dedicated UNDSS aircraft was identified.