UNELUnion Nationale des Etudiant-e-s du Luxembourg (French; Luxembourgish student union)
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| Luke Howard with some of the founders of The Welsh Karate League, Lee Costa 7th Dan, Unel Wellington 8th Dan and Robert Copeland 6th Dan
"We have held talks with the Northern Cyprus Minister of Culture, Environment and Tourism, Unel Ustun, which resulted in signing a memo of cooperation in the sphere of tourism," Economy Minister Valon Saraqini told at sidelines of "Basic Factors for Receptive Tourism Development", organized by the Macedonian Chamber of Tourism.
An outstanding supporting performance is turned in by the ever supercharged Birol Unel, who plays the prima donna chef.
A string of crucial events quickly set the plot in motion: Zinos's girlfriend (Pheline Roggan) leaves to work in Shanghai; his crooked brother (Moritz Bleibtreu) is released on parole from prison; Shayn (Birol Unel), one of the city's top chefs, is fired from his job at an exclusive restaurant right in front of Zinos; and an old classmate turned pimp and entrepreneur, Thomas Neumann (Wotan Wilke Mohring), runs into him on the same night.
So he hires a new chef (Birol Unel of "Gagen die Wand" in comic mode), whom Akin -- in a clever homage to Tsutomu Yamazaki's "Goro" in "Tampopo" -- has named "Shayn."
However, contradicting the findings of several earlier studies, recent studies on productivity trends in developing countries has concluded that TFP growth in manufacturing accelerated after 1991 economic reforms in less-developing countries (Unel, 2003; Tsl, 2003).
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