UNESIDUnión de Empresas Siderúrgicas (Spanish: Union of Steelmaking Enterprises; Madrid, Spain)
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The agreements have been signed by the president of Adif, Isabel Pardo de Vera, and the executive vice president of Anfac, Mario Armero Montes, the general director of Feique, Juan Antonio Labat Arangena, and the general director of Unesid, Andrs Barcel Delgado.
The protocols, valid until 2020 with the possibility of extending them for two more years, continue the path initiated in 2013 (in 2015 in the case of Unesid) with the signing of two collaboration agreements between Adif and the aforementioned organizations, which also sought to promote the rail transport of automotive and automotive components, chemical products and derivatives, and iron and steel merchandise.
The representatives of the business associations will be the vice-president of Anfac, the general director and the president of its Commission of Logistics and Transport of Feique, and the general director of Unesid.