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Both UNEX and Med-X have been shown to be useful for bioterrorism and infectious death surveillance (4-6).
Minnesota, New Mexico, and Oregon participate in the UNEX, Med-X, and EIP Influenza Surveillance programs to identify all potential influenza-associated deaths.
During the spread of pandemic (H1N1) 2009, UNEX cases were reported to the Minnesota and Oregon health departments by physicians, infection preventionists, and hospital pathologists (Figure 1).
Because UNEX and Med-X are not mutually exclusive, all pandemic (H1N1) 2009associated deaths were determined to be UNEX/Med-X cases if they were captured through either of those programs (Figure 1).
Even with an emphasis on deaths among those <50 years of age, UNEX and Med-X programs are critical for detecting severe illnesses that rapidly progress to death and could otherwise go undetected.
This finding argues for surveillance systems like UNEX and Med-X as a means of quickly detecting emerging, severe infectious disease threats.
Her work includes implementing the Med-X program in Minnesota and currently coordinating the UNEX program.
The new website features extensive photo and video galleries, and allows users to dynamically search for UNEX solutions via specific industries, be it manufacturing, distribution, or transportation.
Established in 1964, UNEX is the trusted industry leader in providing innovative, order picking solutions.
Flow Cells from UNEX Manufacturing are complete "Track and Rack" units that offer a modular approach to building a flow through workstation.