UNFAUnion Nationale des Femmes Algériennes (French: National Union of Algerian Women)
UNFAUganda National Farmers Association
UNFAUnited Nations Fisheries Agreement
UNFAUniform Nonjudicial Foreclosure Act
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In recent years, there has been a strong push by legal scholars to implement the UNFA in order to promote efficiency and fairness in the foreclosure process.
UNFA (2011) found that, among the six ethnic groups with the largest population, the Kinh people had the highest proportion of people working in state sectors (10.5%), private sectors (7.3%) and economic sectors involving foreign investment (3.8%).
A UNFA spokesman said they supported every effort leading to peace and stability in the country.
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(47) UNFA (Algerian women National Union) is one of the numerous organizations manipulated by the FLN during the single-party regime.
of giving money to one of the alleged co-conspirators, Unfa Mansaray, and attending meetings at which the coup was planned.
(17) Key international response avenues include: the UN Straddling and Highly Migratory Fish Stocks Agreement (UNFA), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) instruments and initiatives, UN General Assembly resolutions and processes, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations on fisheries subsidies, multilateral environmental agreements and other initiatives such as the High Seas Task Force.
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1] is comprised of roofing tar, refrigerator doors, hardware, yellow bug lights and fixtures, cloth and vinyl, composition floor tiles, concrete and tin foil--objects brought together from different sites and spaces in order to create a new space that is neither strictly defined by "inside" or "outside." For the spectator, these are spaces that are at first completely unfa miliar and defamiliarizing: "normal" space is broken up and reassembled in such a way that questions are inevitably asked about the social processes that rendered them normalized in the first place.
However, recent legislative changes that relax the qualifying criteria for unfa ir dismissal claims (Employment Relations Act 1999) suggest that the demands placed on the tribunal system are likely to increase markedly (see below).
Opponents, who vote against the bill and receive unfa vorable treatment [[U.sub.i](B, [alpha]) [less than] [U.sub.i]([B.sup.SQ], [[alpha].sup.*]), [[alpha].sub.i] = [[[alpha].sup.*].sub.i] - [delta][alpha]].