UNFCUnited Nations Framework Classification
UNFCUnited Native Friendship Centre (Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada)
UNFCUnited National Film Corporation (California)
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Perhaps most importantly, the UNFC solar specifications provide a template for monitoring the progress of a solar project based on the steps that projects need to go through before solar energy resources can be used.
Speaking to DVB on Tuesday, Tun Zaw said that the UNFC could not see the peace process moving forward unless it resolved the deadlock over Point 2 of its 9-Point Proposal [also referred to as an 8-point plan as the ninth point is simply titled 'Conclusions'], which was submitted to both the government and military in March 2017.
Further complicating the situation is the significant differences that exist amongst the non-signatories; both the TNLA and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army are proposing to resign from non-signatory alliance, the UNFC. If this happens, another bloc could well emerge under the leadership of the UWSA.
Even though thousands of American troops were placed under UN OPCON for this mission, (17) the UNFC in reality had little or no control over these forces since the arrangement of these attached forces was intended for utilization under the U.S.
courses and workshops on UNFC in 2012-2014 to be organized under the
The UNFC Anthropogenic Resource Specifications provide a universal framework to manage and communicate the recovery of secondary resources according to the project maturity principles of UNFC.
In a statement, the ethnic bloc UNFC accused Burmese government forces of killing the Karenni troops during a 19 December raid on a KNPP outpost in Loikaw district.
What I would humbly like to suggest is let the Western INGOs take a leaf out of the Japanese Nippon Foundation that work hands in glove both with the regime and the UNFC in sending food and resources to more ethnic areas especially in the War zones.
If the Western diplomats want to enter into an intelligent dialogue with all groups in Burmese society, then they should talk, with Min Ko Naing, Ko Ko Gyi, Nilar Thein, U Gambira and UNFC including Shan, Chin Kachin, Karen, and other ethnic representatives, not just those who have been allowed into Parliament, but also those who have been barred from even competing.
The UNFC is the vanguard for the Union of Burma, to instil the Union spirit based on the principles of equality, liberty, fraternity, democracy, federalism and self-determination which the Myanmar Tatmadaw and the government vehemently hated.
The article also includes a summary of the NPDs resource accounts according to the UNFC classification.
It is understood that even though the ethnic armed groups and Burmese government negotiators have earlier agreed to work toward a "federal system" at their last meeting in August, the Tatmada w remained unhappy about the government conceding to ethnic nationalities' longstanding demand for a federal system in the country and would not allow the smaller ethnic groups such as Kokang, Wa, Arakanese, Lahu, Naga and many others to be part of the 21-member United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC).