UNFICYPUnited Nations Forces In Cyprus
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National Guard Chief Lieutenant General Ilias Leontaris has said that the Republic of Cyprus recognizes the long-standing successful presence of the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) and the effective implementatin of its mandate, adding that the mission creates the conditions for the resumption of the negotiations for a Cyprus settlement.
The Security Council will discuss in late January the resolution on the renewal of the UNFICYP mandate.
The meeting is part of Spehar's customary contacts with the two leaders prior to the discussion by the Security Council of the Unficyp report and decision on whether to renew the peacekeeping force's mandate for another six months.
Mr Fotiou and Mr Klynge then spoke about the events that are organized, for March 2014, by Denmark s Peacekeeping Forces Association as well as by other Scandinavian countries in Cyprus, in view of the completion of 50 years since UNFICYP peacekeeping operation first came to Cyprus.
Mutaz Hayajneh, the first United Nations Police (Unpol) officer representing Jordan in the Mission raised the Jordanian flag at Unficyp headquarters in Nicosia, while two additional officers from Jordan are expected to join the Mission`s Police component shortly.
DiCarlo, speaking to the Press after the Security Council session and referring to the deliberations on UNFICYP, made the following statement:
The report proposes the extension of the mandate of UNFICYP --which will expire on December 15-- until June 15 2010.
The UN Secretary-General's report on Unficyp is due to be handed over to the Security Council on July 10.
The Council will have before it the report of the UN Secretary-General pursuant to resolution 2058, while the adoption of the resolution extending the mandate of UNFICYP is expected on 24 January.
The MACC has removed and destroyed more than 14,000 mines since 2004, with the support of UNFICYP. A total of 57 minefields have been cleared to date, covering more than 6.5 million square metres of land.
Based on the preliminary schedule, the council will hold a meeting with countries providing staff to Unficyp and on July 19 UN Special Representative Elizabeth Spehar will brief the council which is expected to convene on July 30 to adopt the resolution in a public session.