UNFORUnited Nations Force (UN Peacekeeping)
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At this point in my career, I'm not going to face many new scenarios so maybe that's a good thing." Chardy, who is ranked 41st in the world and won the boys' title at Wimbledon in 2005, looked overawed in the early stages as he made a host of unfor ced errors, but he acquitted himself well in the second and third sets and certainly gave Roddick problems.
On our right, opposite the local church, is a rum shack run by Nigel Benn's auntie, called, unfor tunately, Nigel Benn's Auntie.
Clearly, the versatility of clay as a medium, although a capricious and often unfor giving material, once mastered, provides no barrier to a myriad of expression.
Unfor tunately there is no generally accepted definition of private security; in fact there is considerable disagreement.").
Unfor tunately, research on the prevention of sexual aggression has not been included as part of the core counseling literature (Betz & Fitzgerald, 1993).
Unfor tunately, the ability to readily establish rapport with women as managers was not so easily accomplished with their staff.
Unfor tunately, the book is quite expensive: & 75 U.S.
Unfor tunately, HITECH shows no inclination to create a passed pawn until it is too late.
Has all this tech nical invention and human endeavour provided us with anything more than a wonderfully watchable and visually unfor gettable television series?
Unfortunately for her she her living in the fashion world, where as we it is ALL about the 'bra sexier Tha perfec Unfor makes fashio know, label.
Unfor Unfor-A council spokespers on admitted: "We had planne d to plant poppies in the park.
In qualifying Davies had to settle for the sixth fastest time, while Orton was ninth after an unfor tunate spin into the gravel during the session - though this became eighth on the grid due to a penalty for Matt Nicoll-Jones.