UNGIFTUnited Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking
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Let us say to him: Come now, and we will ask you a question:-- when you spoke of a nature gifted or not gifted in any respect, did you mean to say that one man will acquire a thing easily, another with difficulty; a little learning will lead the one to discover a great deal; whereas the other, after much study and application, no sooner learns than he forgets; or again, did you mean, that the one has a body which is a good servant to his mind, while the body of the other is a hindrance to him?-would not these be the sort of differences which distinguish the man gifted by nature from the one who is ungifted?
(20) UNGIFT, "Profiling the Traffickers," Background Paper for the Vienna Forum to Fight Human Trafficking, February 2008, Vienna, Austria.
IOWGEORDIEEXILE, Via Chronicle Live MARK SAYS: I don't think there is anything wrong with Newcastle fans aspiring to a bit more than an ungifted grafter.
Though "Ungifted" is mainly Donovan's story, the other narrators also make significant realizations amidst the hilarious plot twists.
Last season's Fred Darling winner might have struggled in the 1000 Guineas last May, but again demonstrated her ungifts on her return at the Curragh.
He often remarked that he was by nature shy, had a weak voice, and felt himself ungifted as a public speaker.
There would he ample room for the politically voluble but essentially ungifted movie star, the bestselling author of more than ordinary mediocrity, and the humorless comedian so prolific on television these days.
Iam oft amused by the ever more desperate attempts made by the superabundance of attention-seeking and completely ungifted "celebrities" who infest our television and media.
and then end up at some former poly surrounded on all sides by ungifted funlovers out to get drunk.
The result [of my teaching sessions] was that people who seemed to be gifted for sight-reading improved; and people who seemed ungifted did not.
For instance, when describing her first forays into modern-dance training in 1959, Rainer says, "I found myself an ungifted novice.