UNGSUniversidad Nacional de General Sarmiento (Argentina)
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"'Boys,' 'e said, ''ere's another feenancier!' and they took 'im out there and then, and 'ung 'im on a lam'pose down the street.
I saw free pig-stealers 'ung before I was six," said Teddy.
I base my analysis on Beverley's and Sklodowska's models and note how other critics have expanded on them, but I also show how Ung's text challenges their premises.
Here is a brief synopsis of First, They Killed My Father: Ung lived in Phnom Penh with her middle-class family until the age of five and her father worked for the Lon Nol regime (1970-1975), the government that preceded the Khmer Rouge (1976-1979).