UNHAOUnited Nations Humanitarian Affairs Officer
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(12) Hijo de don Fernao Teles de Meneses, IV senor de Unhao, mayordomo mayor de la reina Leonor, senor de Flores y Corvo, y de dona Maria de Vilhena, camarera mayor de dicha reina, mujer de Juan II.
For me there was no other occasion at the conference in Salvador where I could have experienced the global nature of the church more intensely and with more hope than at the commemoratIve ceremony at the Solar do Unhao (the mansion of the slave trader Unhao) on 30 November 1996, during the Conference on World Mission and Evangelism of the World Council of Churches.
It was here that the first ships carrying slaves arrived at the Solar do Unhao in 1550.
The confrontation at the Solar do Unhao evokes feelings of shame and anger, but also of helplessness.
To be surrounded by Christians of every faith, from all around the world worshipping and praising God, made the entire trip for me." The service of penitence and reconciliation at Solar do Unhao, the docksite where African slaves arrived during the colonial period, left an indelible impression.