UNHASUnited Nations Humanitarian Air Services
UNHASUniversitas Hassanudin Makassar
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It is noteworthy that UNHAS is managed by WFP and provides passenger and light cargo services to all humanitarian staff in Sudan.
The air service UNHAS is run by the World Food Program (WFP) which is financially supported by the European Commission as an essential service enabling humanitarian workers to assist the victims of humanitarian crises in Sudan.
In the absence of any other means of travel to secure the commitment of assistance and monitoring, UNHAS provides a service that meets the requirements of quality programs for regular and frequent monitoring of their implementation.
UNHAS using operators complying with the United Nations Aviation Standards strives to
than 150 UN agencies, I/NGOs and Embassies; UNHAS facilitates the
UNHAS officers inspect aircraft and deploy them into operational service.
Due to damage sustained from rainfall on inadequate surfacing material, Yida airstrip became unusable for UNHAS
from the country to Nairobi and in particular from remote areas not served by UNHAS regular flights, degraded airstrip
The three UNHAS personnel were transporting humanitarian workers to a remote area in West Darfur where assistance is most needed.
The three men, Captain Artjoms Nalbandjans, co-pilot Janis Gindra and mechanic Kaspars Reihlers were part of a helicopter crew operated by the UNHAS in the Darfur region of Sudan.
UNHAS responded positively and added a fixed wing aircraft, which will be made available to El Fasher to augment air capacity.
Common Services & Coordination e* UNJLC distributed, through its regular email list, the following UNHAS announcement: With effect 18 August; National Security of Sudan will not accept any medical items and spare parts for vehicles, generators or other machinery to be transported by air as cargo, unless cleared by HAC.