UNHASUnited Nations Humanitarian Air Services
UNHASUniversitas Hassanudin Makassar
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In 2015, UNHAS carried 37,129 passengers - half of them UN staff and the remainder mostly NGO staff, in addition to a small number of government officials, donor representatives and diplomats.
The air service UNHAS is run by the World Food Program (WFP) which is financially supported by the European Commission as an essential service enabling humanitarian workers to assist the victims of humanitarian crises in Sudan.
To continue UNHAS operations in Mauritania through the first quarter of 2018, US$900,000 is urgently needed.
WFP requires an additional US$220 million for food and nutrition operations and another US$16 million to run UNHAS over the next six months in South Sudan.
It is noteworthy that UNHAS is managed by WFP and provides passenger and light cargo services to all humanitarian staff in Sudan.
UNHAS facilitates and secures essential travel agents of the respective programs, enabling them to reach remote areas of the country and thus access to people quickly and safely.
UNHAS facilitates and secures travel of SDC staff and partners and enable them to implement and monitor SDC funded projects and contributions.
We are very grateful to UNHAS donors who have been keen to see it continue its services to humanitarian workers who need to reach remote communities they serve across Sudan," said WFP Representative and Country Director Adnan Khan in a statement.
The three UNHAS personnel were transporting humanitarian workers to a remote area in West Darfur where assistance is most needed.
In 2015, some 20,000 passengers and 400 tons of cargo are scheduled to be transported to 28 different locations by three UNHAS aircraft.
UNHAS air service is supporting WFP interventions for food security of poor households in Niger.
The three men, Captain Artjoms Nalbandjans, co-pilot Janis Gindra and mechanic Kaspars Reihlers were part of a helicopter crew operated by the UNHAS in the Darfur region of Sudan.