UNHDIUnited Nations Human Development Index
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The UNHDI Report (2008) also claims that "adult women's secondary and/or higher education attainment is lower by almost half (9 percentage points) of their male counterparts, indicating wide inequality between genders in education in Cambodia" (United Nations Human Development Report, 2013).
23) Taking the UN Human Development Index (UNHDI) as a point of departure, (24) the AHDR argued that, when evaluating the quality of life in the Arctic, it is essential to supplement the UNHDI with considerations relating to the ability to control one's own destiny, opportunities to have meaningful contact with nature, and the maintenance of human relationships that produce social cohesion.
24) The UNHDI, developed by the UN Development Programme during the 1990s, adds measures of longevity and education to GDP per capita in an effort to provide a fuller account of human welfare.