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UNHSUniversal Neonatal Hearing Screening
UNHSUniversity of Nebraska High School (Lincoln, NE)
UNHSUniversal Newborn Hearing Screening
UNHSUganda National Household Survey (Uganda Bureau of Statistics)
UNHSUnited Neighborhood Health Services (Nashville, TN)
UNHSUtah Navajo Health System (Montezuma Creek, UT)
UNHSUltimate New Home Sales and Marketing, Inc. (Anaheim, CA)
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SCTI has so much bandwidth that it essentially donated its services for the UNHS. Being able to help Philippine golf was a matter of pride for Mangulabnan.
[23] tested, through real-time PCR, DNA obtained from neonatal Guthrie cards of infants who failed UNHS and children with non-congenital SNHL, searching for CMV DNA.
Steve Kaller, President of UNHS commented, “The UNHS team dominated the awards nominations for their superior sales skills and we are very proud of Mr.
Data for the dependent and explanatory variables to fit the model, which were derived from the UNHS 2005/06 are presented in Table 1.
Despite the endorsement of UNHS by the HPCSA as far back as 2002, little has been done locally to meet these goals.
"Observed Universal Newborn Hearing Screenings (UNHS) and entered critical pass/refer data into the hospital system to generate the appropriate reports and information for new parents.
In the beginning of 2010 the Unified National Health System (UNHS) was established in the country.
Each time a b-boy or a b-girl steps into a cipher--the circle that draws you in, the communal huddle that grows and gasps and "unhs" to the bang, to the boogie--one more brave soul becomes part of the tribal dance.
A four-year study at Parkland Memorial Hospital, part of the University of Southwestern Texas Medical School, Dallas, showed that rescreening infants who fail the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS), given four hours after birth, reduces the number of false positives and that providing outpatient retesting at the birth hospital improves the number who returned for follow-up.
In 1999, a total of 726 (49%) hospitals and birthing centers in the 22 reporting states/areas were classified as universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) Facilities (i.e., facilities in which the majority of infants were screened).