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UNIAUniversal Negro Improvement Association
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However, women still earn 20 percent less on average than men - "a scandalous percentage", Unia noted.
After traveling throughout the United States in early 1916, Garvey established the New York Division of the UNIA in 1917.
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The popularity of the UNIA, with its emphasis on pan-African unity, also suggests that migrant identity could be more complex than just Cuban and Caribbean.
He looks at police brutality and internal colonialism in the 1930s, black mobilization around the 1939 local elections, the intersection of racial control and the war-time economy in which Detroit was at the center, Black Nationalism in Sherrill's Michigan Chronicle, forging a legacy for Garveyism and the UNIA in the post-war years, and the UNIA during the Civil Rights era.
This resulted in conversion efforts by the Polish authorities to bring the Orthodox into the Unia and reverse efforts by Russian authorities.
31 October 2011 - Approximately 1,000 people protested on Saturday in Basel against the planned job cuts at Swiss Novartis (VIX:NOVN) and other firms, Swiss trade union Unia said.
The author of this study utilizes Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in a groundbreaking case study of how the African diaspora operated in the international political economy of the 1920s.
He has been riding for Esbjerg in his homeland this year as well as for Gripparna in Sweden and Unia Tarnow in Poland, having also started the 2009 season in a Glasgow racejacket.
But his work is more than a family history; it meticulously documents the crucial role of Aboriginal people among the Sydney Waterside Workers and their links to international Black movements such as the Coloured Progressive Association (CPA) and the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA).
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