UNICALUniversity of Calabar (Nigeria)
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Coulson Aviation USA has announced it has merged with Unical Air to form Coulson Unical to create a heavy lift helicopter joint venture company, the company said.
Figure 2: Defining the need for information (N=115) DELSU UNICAL UNIUYO Agree 92.3% 100% 0.0% Neutral 2.7% 0% 0.0% Disagree 0.0% 0.0% 0.0% Note: Table made from bar graph.
UNICAL contracted a commercialized computer center to private hands (Adomi, 2005; Ani, 2010) to ensure greater efficiency in operations.
Nine questionnaires were administered to the academic librarians in CRUTECH, while nineteen questionnaires were administered to the academic librarian in UNICAL. The reliability coefficient of the instrument used was at (a = 0.72) based on the Cronbach's alpha method.
After winning Miss UniCal 2009, Nikita was automatically entered for Miss University Nigeria the same year.
Grebenstein (calligraphy, Massachusetts College of Art and North Bennet Street School, Boston) describes each of the five basic alphabets used by calligraphers--Italic, Unical, Carolingian, Gothic and Foundational--and the precise use of the necessary tools.
In August 2005, the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), China's third-largest oil producer, withdrew its $18 billion bid for UNICAL Corp, the California-based oil company, after heavy opposition from politicians.
Industries International's wholly-owned subsidiary, Broad Faith Limited, has received a $20 million order from U.S.-based Unical Enterprises, Inc.
Table 1: Response rate from the three institutions Institutions Expected Actual % of Actual Respondents Respondents Respondents (N=124) (N=115) DELSU 40 37 92.5 UNICAL 38 36 94.7 UNIUYO 46 42 91.3 TOTAL 124 115 92.7 Table 1 show that 115(92.7%) questionnaires were completed and retrieved by the researcher out of the 124 that were administered.
Categories University UNIBEN UNICAL f * % f % Gender Male 11 64.7 10 55,6 Female 6 35.3 8 44.4 Total 17 100.0 18 100.0 Yrs.