UNICALUniversity of Calabar (Nigeria)
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The literature search was carried out using the Google Scholar for any published article that addressed the topic covering the period (1998-2017), indicating the time that UNICAL started using the Internet until today.
This Section presents the primary variables that address the impacts Internet access and use on student learning using UNICAL as a case.
6 Categories Response UNICAL UNIPORT categories (N=18) (N=13) S/N Items of User * f % f Education SD - 0 - 1 Students are D - 0 - given orientation to get acquainted with library services U - 0 - A 7 38.
University Categories Response UNIBEN UNICAL (N=380) UNIUYO (N=394) (N=370) S/N Items of User categories f * % f Education * SD 20 5.
14 percent of such services were provided with ICT at UNILAG, UNICAL and FUTO.
71 percent) and UNICAL (28, 57 percent) despite their average use for serials functions and serials public services.