UNICAMUniversita Degli Studi di Camerino
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After incubation in the dark and room temperature for 2 h, absorbance of the reaction mixture was measured at [lambda] = 760 nm using UV-VIS spectrophotometer Unicam. The standard curve was produced for gallic acid within the concentration range from 0 to 200 mg/l.
Equipment/instruments (atomic absorption spectrophotometer [AAS]): Electronic weighing balance (model 2610; Ohaus), centrifuge, atomic absorption spectrophotometer machine (SP 2900 model; Pye Unicam) [Figure 1].
Determination of serum concentrations of Fe, Mg, Mn, Zn, Pb, Co, Cd, and Cu was performed by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer measurements, in which a UNICAM-929 spectrophotometer (Unicam Ltd, York Street, Cambridge, UK) was used.
(4) Light transmittance of the prepared coatings was measured by a UV/Vis spectrometer (UV500, Unicam) over the wavelength range of 400-700 nm with respect to a glass substrate.
FT-IR spectroscopy was performed for both CS/(AMGA-co-AAc) and magnetic nanopolymer samples using FT-IR spectrometer model Mattson 100, made by Unicam and was used over the range 400-4000 [cm.sup.-1].
Pb and Cd were determined by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (UNICAM 969 UK) by preparing the samples with Diethylene triamine penta acetic acid (DTPA) extractant solution (FAO, 1982).
The amount of paracetamol released was determined using a SP6-450 UV/VIS spectrophotometer (Pye Unicam Middlesex England).
The homogenate was then centrifuged at 105,000 x g for 15 min at 4[degrees]C using a Thermo Sorvall WX 80 ultracentrifuge and the supernatant was used for the determination of cytosolic calcium concentration using a Unicam 939 atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Cambridge, UK).
A Spectronic Unicam UV 300 spectrometer was used to measure absorption and reflectance UV-Vis; photoluminescence was obtained using a B&W TEK 407 nm violet solid state laser 3.04 eV, 60 [micro]W, Sciencetech 9040 monochromator of 0.5 m optical path.