UNICCOUnited Nimba Citizen's Council
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Secret elections can drag on for months, even years," said Medina, "which would allow UNICCO all the time in the world to intimidate and harass workers into opposing a union.
Cristin Brown, a UNICCO spokesperson, said the card-check method of voting would allow the unions more leeway to manipulate the process.
The National Labor Relations Board recently accused UNICCO of violating the rights of janitors seeking to form a union.
UNICCO janitors at the airport have indicated they will not cross picket lines established by their striking co-workers and the action could mean that hundreds of janitors who clean the airport will not go to work.
The janitors who work for UNICCO at the university are reportedly on strike to protest over unfair labour practices committed against them while they united to form a union, according to a statement from the Service Employees International Union.
UNICCO is committed to green services through its UNICCO GreenClean[TM] program.
UNICCO has also built its reputation on advanced facilities technologies, which include the my UNICCO portal for both UNICCO and customer supervisors and management, the UNI-Q[R] palmtop inspection system, advanced eProcurement that raises efficiency and reduces costs, and a 24/7 national call center.
UNICCO clients throughout the United States and Canada are serviced by business units that share resources and expertise but specialize in industrial and manufacturing, sports and entertainment, security, education/health care/government, and corporate and commercial markets.
We respected Motorola's outstanding reputation in voice communications and, with the growth UNICCO is experiencing, needed service all over the United States and Canada.
is vice president and general manager of UNICCO Service Company.
Through UNICCO, Eckerd intends to reduce energy consumption by 30 percent via changing air filters more frequently, managing the central chiller system that generates cold water (thus, reducing the amount of energy needed to cool a building), and moving all of their mechanical equipment to digital control systems.
Under the arrangement with UNICCO, Eckerd also uses 100 percent reclaimed water, which is water that is sent to the sewer, treated, and then recycled back into the campus.