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UNICODEUniversal Character Encoding
UNICODEUnique, Universal, and Uniform character enCoding
UNICODEUNIversal trunk-out-of-service Code
UNICODEUnique Injector Concepts Development (NASA)
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The first widely used set of emoji were created for a Japanese mobile phone operator in the late 1990s, and hundreds of emoji were incorporated into the Unicode Standard a decade later.
Today, in an almost 360-degree turn, humans are using pictures again to talk to each other, especially when in 2007 emojis were officially recognized by the Unicode Consortium.
The Unicode Consortium is the nonprofit group tasked with maintaining the unified character standards that have been adopted by most modern operating systems, including the emojis used by smart phones around the world.The organization chooses which new emojis to add based on submissions from individuals and organizations that make a case for why they are essential, according to an interview with its co-founder and president Mark Davis that was published in NPR.
Then companies like Apple and Google have to design emojis and incorporate the code into their operating systems, Greg Welch, a board member for Unicode, said Wednesday.
The Unicode Consortium added: "The new emoji typically start showing up on mobile phones in September/October -- some platforms may release them earlier."
Just want to clarify that the goal of salad emoji redesign was to create an image more faithful to unicode's description.
The move was confirmed by the Unicode Consortium in February after years of calls from emoji lovers to branch out from the existing blonde, brunette and black hair tones.
Unicode, the organisation that controls them, has revealed new ginger additions to the emoji set to appear on June 5.
Aside from the White Heart and Flamingo, a Diving Mask, Waffle, Axe, Diya Lamp and Hindu Temple are the other emojis that could come with the next Unicode release, which is planned for March 2019.
The Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit software company that develops emojis--the small digital icons typically used in electronic messages --announced 157 new designs in March.
Unicode is a one step ahead in making this dream true.