UNICORFederal Prison Industries, Inc.
UNICORUNIque Corporation
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115) UNICOR produces goods and services for an essentially governmentally-guaranteed market (as we shall see); PIE relies on the open market.
UNICOR is a wholly-owned US government corporation, operating at no cost to the taxpayer, which provides voluntary, job skills training for federal inmates
Old license plates should be sent to UNICOR for destruction
An even larger concern for government contractors trying to compete with UNICOR is FAR Part 8.
also known as UNICOR (UNIque CORporation), a wholly owned government corporation that provides inmates in federal prisons across the country with the opportunity to earn money while training for a new career.
The government (including all IMPAC purchase cardholders) must either (1) purchase furniture from UNICOR, or (2) obtain a waiver from UNICOR before purchasing furniture from any other source.
Subsequent discussions with representatives from UNICOR, as well as interviews with Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), representatives from the Business & Institutional Manufacturers Assn.
FPI, which operates under the trade name UNICOR, employs 21,000 inmates in 100 federal prisons and makes a wide variety of products, including office furniture, textiles and electronic components.
However, FPI proponents argue, the corporation's "mandatory source" status for federal jobs merely ensures a steady work flow for the prison factories, offsetting competitive disadvantages, such as low inmate average productivity rates, and applies only in cases in which the UNICOR product is deemed comparable to one available in the private sector.
JHU/APL has initiated contacts with UNICOR, part of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
gov/ (USDA) Graduate School UNICOR (Federal Prison http://www.
Federal Prison Industries, also known as UNICOR, is a component of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and employs federal inmates who manufacture goods and provide services, mainly for use by federal agencies.