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UNIDATAUniversity Data Interactive Computing and Communications Systems (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)
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Telia Carrier has announced that Unidata, one of Italy's most successful ISP and data center providers, is using Telia Carrier's recently launched Rome PoP (Point-of-Presence) to ensure its enterprise customers get the best possible connectivity experience, the company said.
It would offer customers of its aging Unidata database new tools to migrate applications over to O2's object database.
According to David Fulker, director of the Unidata Program Center, the concept started when UCAR member universities began to realize that PCs could free academics from dependence on central computing facilities.
In addition to scripting and command line programs such as General Meteorological Package (GEMPAK) and Grid Analysis and Display System (GrADS), the class extensively used Unidata's Integrated Data Viewer (IDV), which supports data from EOL instrumentation quite well.
Using Intergraph G/Technology[R] Fiber Optic Works[R], Unidata can deploy a geospatial resource management system that will enhance knowledge of the existing network, support new design efforts and improve operations, sales and geo-marketing activities.
Redmond, WA, August 23, 2011 --(PR.com)-- AscendoSoft Inc., a leading provider of software and solutions in the credit union and banking market, today announced that they now offer support for Rocket Software's UniData, which is part of the U2 product family.
Water levels were measured and recorded by floats and chart recorders (Hydrological Services AUS-1), and pressure transducers (Unidata 6508A, 0-1 m range), and data loggers (Campbell Scientific CR10x).
Soil percolate was measured initially by random manual measurements on each plot and subsequently by tipping bucket flow gauges (Unidata America-Model 6406H, Lake Oswego, OR) that continuously monitored percolate volume.
For its part, Ardent has been building a data warehouse strategy through acquisition, with recent deals including Unidata Inc, O2 Technology and most recently metadata company Dovetail Software Inc.
Inc., Field Automation Systems Group; Handar, Inc.; UNIDATA America; and Unitec America, Inc.
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