UNIDIRUnited Nations Institute for Disarmament Research
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In response, UNIDIR has developed a Security Needs Assessment Protocol (SNAP) which enables the generation of explicit community-level knowledge about security concerns in a rapid manner, and the reconciling of the findings with standing agencies and practices (Miller, 2007: 2).
The key reason why this book is so valuable is that Borrie was fortunate to have observed and participated in the process at close range from his position at the UNIDIR.
Prins, G, "Military Restructuring and the Challenge of Europe", In: UNIDIR, Nonoffensive Defense, A Global Perspective, Taylor and Francis, New York, 1990, p 93-94.
Much of it is done at the UN arms such as UNESCO ECOSOC UNIDA and UNIDIR.
Before joining UNIDIR, he worked on weapons issues at the International Committee of the Red Cross and, prior to that, was Deputy Head of Mission for Disarmament in Geneva with the New Zealand government.
Security in Space: The Next Generation" was the seventh annual conference held by UNIDIR on space security, the peaceful uses of outer space, and the prevention of an arms race in outer space.
Berman, E G and K E Sams, Peacekeeping in Africa: Capabilities and Culpabilities, UNIDIR, Geneva/ISS, Pretoria, 2000.
A recent UNIDIR global survey of the international assistance provided for implementing the UN Programme of Action on small arms has noted several problems with the estimated US$660-million spent over five years.
Dhanapala, `The NPT Review Process: Identifying New Ideas to Strengthen the Regime', UNIDIR Newsletter, no 37 (1997), p.
UNIDIR requires a venue to carry out a conference in Kiev, Ukraine on 16-17 May 2013, with catering provided on-site.
UN agencies, including UNDP, WHO, UNIFEM, and UNIDIR, made strong statements about the human costs of small arms proliferation, which clearly recognized that future developments in the implementation process must take into account the damage and destruction to individuals.
During the conference Project Ploughshares joined UNIDIR (United Nations Institute for Development Research), and the Simons Centre for Peace and Disarmament Studies of Canada in hosting a briefing on space issues.
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