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UNIDOUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization
UNIDOUnited Nationalist Democratic Organization (Philippines)
UNIDOUnited Nations International Development Organization
UNIDOUnited Nations Industrial Development Office
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Nadia Aftab, UNIDO Country Representative highlighted the role of UNIDO in promoting sustainable industrial development in the country and its interlinkage with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) with particular focus on Goal 9 'Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure'.
Representatives of UNIDO said that they are going to visit the Minya soon to find new opportunities to support other projects in the governorate.
At this occasion, UNIDO in collaboration with ICCI also launched "Women in Cleantech Campaign" which aimed at encouraging women entrepreneurs to embrace clean technology products that offered immense potential for business growth.
Esam assured that UNIDO in affiliation with ICCI would continue to play significant role for promoting and creating new opportunities for economic empowerment of women.
He played a key role in China's cooperation with the World Bank and ADB, and was elected to lead UNIDO in 2013.
UNIDO Director General underlined importance of this agency and informed about UNIDO current projects in Kyrgyzstan, including dried fruit processing and creation of a logistical chain for delivery of fruits and vegetables.
According to UNIDO resolution, the purpose of the organization is promotion of industrial development in member-states.
The UNIDO ITPO- UK is based at the NWDA's headquarters in Warrington It is engaged in projects throughout the world and is currently working on specific industrial development programmes in 14countries.
UNIDO is a multilateral organisation - one of the family of UN bodies - that helps countries to pursue sustainable development by strengthening their industrial productivity.
As the UN specialised agency mandated to promote sustainable industrial development, UNIDO ensures sustained productivity growth and its equitable distribution, thus contributing to the international fight against poverty.
UANI calls on UNIDO to end its partnerships and cooperation with sanctioned Iranian regime entities, and for UN member states to withhold funding to UNIDO until such action occurs.
She also reiterated her commitment to science and technology diplomacy and to harnessing Philippine membership in the in UNIDO to support the countrys development goals, particularly in industrialization and innovation.