UNIJOSUniversity of Jos, Nigeria
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Information from the oral interview with the university librarians of the libraries selected for the study showed that as at 2006 the seating capacity in all the sampled universities was 1,020 for UNIJOS, 750 for UNIMAID, 1,250 for UI, 2,000 for ABU Zaria, 520 for UNIUYO and 322 for UNIABUJA.
The breakdown of 84,496 population is as follows: 28,588 for UNIMAID, 14,260 for UNIJOS, 14,128 for UNIUYO, 11,244 for UI, 10,539 for ABU and 5,737 for UNIABUJA.
09 Values in parentheses are percentages Table III: Undergraduates' responses on physical facilities in UNIJOS Statements N SA(4) A(3) The library chairs are 342 10 (2.