UNIKOMUnited Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission
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At this year's competition, Team UNIKOM participated in 7 of 40 categories that were available.
Thus, "Unikom" employees have finally started working to repair the sidewalk in Vukovarska street ...'
Gagor ha servido en las fuerzas armadas polacas durante 34 anos y tenido un excelente desempeno en otras misiones multinacionales dentro de la Segunda Fuerza de Emergencia de la ONU (1976-1977), como jefe de operaciones del batallon polaco en la UNDOF en (1980-1985) y como comandante de la UNIKOM en 1992.
The United Nations-Iraq-Kuwait Observer Mission (UNIKOM) now assumed the job.
Established in 1991, the 1200-strong UN Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission, known as UNIKOM, has managed to keep the peace on an international border still bristling with Gulf War mines.
UNTSO UNIMOGIP UNIFICYP (Israel) (India - Pakistan) (Cyprus) UNDOF UNIFIL UNIKOM (Golan Heights) (Lebanon) (Iraq - Kuwait) MINORSO UNOMIC UNOMIL (West Sahara) (Georgia) (Liberia) UNMIH UNAMIR UNMOT (Haiti) (Rwanda) (Tajikistan) UNAVEM UNPROFOR UNPREDEP (Angola) (Bosnia) (Macedonia) UNMIBH UNMOP UNTAES (Bosnia) (Croatia) (East Slavonia) UNEF I UNOC UNTEA (Israel-Egypt) (Congo) (West New Guinea) UNYOM UNEF II UNIIMOC (Yemen) (Sinai) (Iraq - Iran) UNOSAL UNTAC UNOSOM (El Salvador) (Cambodia) (Somalia) In short, the world has changed.
1993 -- Some 600 Iraqis cross the Kuwaiti borders and shower UNIKOM personnel and Kuwaiti patrols with stones, injuring a Kuwaiti policeman.
A partial rehabilitation after March 1991 was a difficult task, with many wells having been on fire and the southern part was affected by the UN buffer zone (UNIKOM) separating Iraqi and Kuwaiti borders.
2003 -- The international mission for monitoring the Kuwaiti-Iraqi border, UNIKOM, completed its 12-year mission, aimed at strengthening security and stability along the Kuwait-Iraq border.
In this matter, the ambassador mentioned the United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission (UNIKOM) from 1991 to 2003.
1991 -- United Nations Security Council issues Resolution 689, whereby establishing the UN Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission (UNIKOM) to monitor borders between the two countries.