UNIMARCUniversal MARC Format
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So, the problem is not that medium of performance concepts are not equivalent between MARC field 382 and UNIMARC field 146, but is the lack of equivalence and similarity relationships defined to bridge the two.
Material examinado (14 machos): Chile: 1 macho, Concepcion, 24-xi-1958, trampas Coll (copi1); 1 macho, Chile, VIII region, Unimarc, Concepcion, 6-xi-1997, Angulo Coll (copi 2); 1 macho, Azapa, Cerro Moreno, 13-xi-68, en malezas, ob.
This new edition provides the definitive guide to tags, indicators, and subfield codes to be used in the UNIMARC format.
Otros son de dificil acceso o solo perceptibles desde el transporte colectivo, o desde un edificio, como los altos del supermercado Unimarc -Portugal con Alameda-.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-6 December 2007-Cermaq ASA ends talks to acquire salmon farming company Unimarc in Chile(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
Infor Library T, E, + Training MarcXchange, Solutions W 24/7 course MARCXML, (formerly Geac) has an MARC 21, V-spaces intro to UNIMARC, fed search, Dublin the general Core XML, setup of proprie- V-spaces, tary XML, and the proprie- V-spaces tary HTML, admin RSS, HTML, module.
D&S 33.9% Cencosud 25.4% San Francisco 3.1% Unimarc 3.0% Monserrat 3.0% Rendic 2.7% Others 28.9% Source: Fitch Ratings Note: Table made from pie chart.