UNIMARCUniversal MARC Format
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So, the problem is not that medium of performance concepts are not equivalent between MARC field 382 and UNIMARC field 146, but is the lack of equivalence and similarity relationships defined to bridge the two.
Any country using one of the MARC Standards (MARC 21 or UNIMARC), can customize it considering its national requirements, considering that Permanent UNIMARC Committee has paved the way for its users to make use of number "9", e.
Na aplicacao da politica definida ao formato UNIMARC bibliografico optou-se por integrar textualmente no campo de notas ao exemplar (campo 316) toda a informacao afecta as caracteristicas externas da obra por se considerar ser esta a unica forma de tornar perceptivel aos utilizadores os dados codificados contidos no campo 141.
UNIMARC approaches and organizes bibliographic records from a different perspective than that of USMARC.
The members felt this will help us continue the important work done in the areas of UNIMARC and ISBD, and be more responsive to questions and activities involved in this work.
extending the UNIMARC authorities format to enable some powerful features of the national format such as longer coded fields, nationality data, and a repeatable information subfield in main headings,
Featuring support of information industry and international standards, the Q Series adheres to full MARC standards including format integration, USMARC, UNIMARC, and international variations; multiple character sets; X12/EDIFACT electronic data interchange, and more.
The group reviewed the work of the two Sub-Commissions, ISBD and UNIMARC, to determine how they will work in the future.
The licensee shall provide for free, upon delivery, bibliographic records in UNIMARC format and ISO 2709.
Derivative relationships, called horizontal relationships in UNIMARC, [which] hold between a bibliographic item and a modification based on that same item.
Full adherence to the MARC bibliographic standard, including format integration, UNIMARC, and international variations
At the conference, the IAML ISBD and music Sub-commission met twice, Monday, 14 July and, jointly with the UNIMARC Sub-commission, Thursday, 17 July.