UNIMARCUniversal MARC Format
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This would be a reduction from the various ISBD, UNIMARC and Cataloguing meetings that were held this year in Antwerp.
Any country using one of the MARC Standards (MARC 21 or UNIMARC), can customize it considering its national requirements, considering that Permanent UNIMARC Committee has paved the way for its users to make use of number "9", e.
extending the UNIMARC authorities format to enable some powerful features of the national format such as longer coded fields, nationality data, and a repeatable information subfield in main headings,
the alignment between the ISBD and FRBR namespaces, which will have an impact on the ISBD revision process, in that a possible "FRBR-ised" version of the ISBD has been envisaged; a mapping with UNIMARC is also ongoing;
Whole-part (or part-whole) relationships, called vertical relationships in UNIMARC or hierarchical relationships, .
The second session was dedicated to a general brainstorming and discussion on the future of the two sub-commissions: the sub-commission on UNIMARC and the sub-commission on ISBD and music.
The first session was mainly devoted to writing a note to Joseph Hafner, chair of the Cataloguing commission, to explain that the UNIMARC sub-commission agrees with the considerations and conclusions of the Sub-commission on ISBD and music, and to add a few more considerations.
UNIMARC is the fourth largest food retailer in Chile and operates 41 supermarkets in Chile as of first quarter 2007.
While processing records of all types, the MARC21 format is applied in the libraries, whereas in some libraries the UNIMARC exchange format is still in use.
UNIMARC is the fourth-largest food retailer in Chile and operated 41 supermarkets in Chile as of the end of 2006.
Consultation of IAML rules, UNIMARC manuals, and the online catalogues of Italian music libraries has been very helpful in making cataloguing choices.
UNIMARC is the fourth-largest food retailer in Chile and operates 41 supermarkets in Chile as of third quarter 2006.