UNIMASUniversiti Malaysia Sarawak
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In addition, the state government and UNIMAS (Universiti Malaysia Sarawak) have formed U-SCORE, a consortium of institutions of higher learning.
During 2013, the following foreign research students were/are attached to the Institute of East Asian Studies, UNIMAS, while carrying their research activities.
The Institute of East Asian Studies, UNIMAS is currently hosting the following visiting research fellows: Tomomi Toyozomi, Hiroshima Shudo University, Japan, doing an environmental auditing survey of Japanese companies in Malaysia, and Albertos Yustnus, Asian Public Intellectual Fellow, Nippon Foundation, conducting research on the Selako residing in urban centers.
Jayl will be assisted by Kelvin Egay and Nicholas Gani of the Faculty of Sciences, UNIMAS.
Jayl Langub of UNIMAS brought things to a conclusion with a presentation on the Mamat ritual paintings of noted Kenyah artist Jalong Liban [see Langub and Rousseau, "'Ten Kenyah paintings given to the Sarawak Museum," BRB, 37(2006): 195-216].
The workshop was jointly organized with Ipoi Datan and the staff of the Sarawak Museum, and Jayl Langub of the Institute of East Asian Studies, UNIMAS.
36: 242-43), Professor James Chin and Jayl Langub of the Institute of East Asian Studies, UNIMAS, organized a 2-day workshop in November 2005, which brought together a number of retired senior Sarawak administrative officers to share their experiences of administrative service during the transitional period from colonial rule to independence.
Ann Appleton, Institute of East Asian Studies, UNIMAS, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak)
The project will be led by Graeme Barker at Cambridge, and those involved will include Chris Gosden at the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford (there will be an exhibition at the Pitt-Rivers and at the Sarawak Museum towards the end of the project), Monica Janowski at the University of Greenwich in Chatham (anthropology), Chris Hunt at Queens University in Belfast (palynology), Huw Barton at the University of Leicester (ancient starches), Jayl Langub and Poline Bala at UNIMAS and Ipoi Datan at the Sarawak Museum.