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UNIREUnione Nazionale Incremento Razze Equine (Italian: National Horse Breeding Union)
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Until 2002 the awarding of licences for the organising of bets on sporting events was managed by the CONI and the UNIRE, which had the authority to organise bets relating to sporting events organised or conducted under their supervision.
Specific rules for the award of licences were laid down, in the case of CONI, by Decree No 174 of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance of 2 June 1998 (GURI No 129 of 5 June 1998) and, in the case of UNIRE, by Decree No 169 of the President of the Republic of 8 April 1998 (GURI No 125 of 1 June 1998).
UNIRE entonces tomo la decision de invitar a los rectores de las universidades publicas a un Segundo Encuentro.
UNIRE issued a statement yesterday saying that opponents had withdrawn threats of strike action while they wait for government intervention, which is expected next month.
UNIRE esta estrechamente unido a la historia de la ensenanza universitaria privada en Costa Rica.
La Asociacion Unidad de Rectores de las Universidades Privadas de Costa Rica UNIRE lleva adelante la ejecucion de SUPRICORI.
UNIRE (the ruling body) ordered an inquiry and suspended payment of prize-money, but the story did not come out until Friday, when it appeared in Gazzetta dello Sport.
The president of UNIRE, the sport's ruling body in Italy, met to address the current funding crisis with representatives of the owners, breeders, trainers and racecourses at the Ministry of Agriculture.
This week the ruling body, UNIRE, published reduced prize-money totals for the Italian 2,000 and 1,000 Guineas - the Premio Parioli and Premio Regina Elena - which will be worth EUR233,750 each, a 15 per cent cut on last year.
Antes de entrar a describir la estructura y contenido de la obra es importante resaltar que se trata de un producto de una investigacion interdisciplinana financiada por Colciencias que realizo la Fundacion Universitaria Luis Amigo y la Universidad de San Buenaventura con el apoyo del programa UNIRES y de la Administracion Municipal de Medellin.
In addition, Unisys will provide its UniRes and UniTrex solutions and outsourcing services to Morrison Knudsen Corporation, a worldwide engineering and construction firm based in Boise, Idaho.
After exhaustive research and testing of current available automated booking systems, we've found that UniRes clearly meets its claims and will offer our customers the most advanced system of its type available," said Kevin Brown, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing for First Travelcorp.